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Putting the finishing touches on the Rebel blockade runner Tantive IV for Star Wars.

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It’s disgusting how Urban Outfitters is constantly getting away with making clothes that are harmful to others and potentially life threatening towards people who are influenced so easily. In response to the negative comments towards their new ”Sun-faded Vintage Collection” which had ‘Kent State’ on it and the red coloured stains and holes suggested blood and gunshot holes, they said; “discolouration from the original shade of the shirt and the holes are from natural wear and fray. We deeply regret that this item was perceived negatively.” 

This is honestly just another one of Urban Outfitters ridiculous excuses because they’d apologised for their earlier collections of shirts which featured young girls modelling t-shirts that read ”Eat Less” and ”Depression” on them and they had gotten away with it then, and they continue to get away with it now. Those t-shirts are particularly harmful to youth who are unknowing of the dangers of anorexia/bulimia etc and once again the company re-offends by making a product that so closely references the Kent State Massacre.  

When will this company be shut down for good, when will this company stop producing clothes that are negative and harmful to all who see them, and how many times will this company get away with this sort of thing?

If you take a look at their profits, Urban Outfitters is seeing quarterly profit increases.

There’s a reason people say “Any press is good press.” Consumers have incredibly short memories. Even though right after the release of one of these horrible shirts there is a surge in public distaste and the press they’re getting is very negative, it’s still driving traffic to their website. It’s still introducing their brand to new buyers.

A huge part of consumer decision making has to do with brand familiarity: we’re far more likely to buy products from brands we’ve heard of before. Simply getting their name into the ears of more people is great advertising. 

So when people inevitably forget their outrage in just a few days all that will have happened is that Urban Outfitters got some more free advertising.

This is the far from the first time this company has “accidentally” produced an offensive product that they later “regret[ted] was perceived negatively”. Here is a collection of their apparently shitty decision making over the past ten or so years.

This is no accident. They know what they’re doing.




Merry and Pippin are definitely Drift Compatible.

Their Jaeger is named Second Breakfast.

I thought their jaeger was named Treebeard

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Diana of Themyscira by Cliff Chiang

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I’m just gonna go ahead and start responding to any and all pleas for advice with that line. I’m gonna make that a thing.




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sometimes “if i fits, i sits” isn’t the best motto.

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