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Jenny Flint in Deep Breath

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really sick of seeing so much hate directed towards the police on here. look, we get it, you prefer sting’s solo work, i like it too alright? that doesnt mean ‘every little thing she does is magic’ and ‘can’t stand losing you’ arent awesome jams. ‘roxanne’ and ‘don’t stand so close to me’ are classic, don’t even get me started on ‘spirits in the material world’. just stop ok? 

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Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming


Congratulations, gamer girls—you’re officially at the top of the food chain when it comes to games. A new study released by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that adult women now occupy the largest demographic in the gaming industry. Women over 18 made up a whopping 36 percent of the gaming population, followed by adult men at 35 percent. 

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Rogue: “I sense motive the goblin to see if he really has a wife and kids.”

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Doctor Who Intro’s - 1963 - 2014

It’s like a time capsule, you look back at different era’s in Doctor Who’s history & it’s really quite beautiful. Same tune, different graphics. Same Doctor, different face. Same screwdriver, different case. Same Tardis, different interior.

*Also I know there’s a few missing but since tumblr only allows for pic/ gif sets to have up to 10 I had to make a couple of cut backs.*

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were u not hugged as a child

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I was watching The Incredible Hulk cartoon from the 90’s, and in one of the episodes She-Hulk chases on foot after a stolen sports car. My brain suggested this. I liked the suggestion.



#DoctorWho 1day to Season 8

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